Cue Sends

I must say that I am really enjoying using the 4 Cue Sends available in Nuendo via the iCPro. The musicians love it and it saves me a lot of time as they now build their own monitor mixes.

However, it does highlight the fact the 4 sends is just not enough - everyone wants to set up their own mix now!

I think that 8 sends would be more than enough for most situations, but 4 is clearly not.

Please Steinberg, when can we have more?

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Well thats A long time request for cubendo, but now with IC Pro its even more obvious to have it as musicians want and need to control their own monitoring !

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I also think 8 cue sends would be optimum, and self control in iC Pro is just any musician’s dream come true. But besides that, something I really miss a lot is cue sends of the outputs in iC Pro. Normally I add some of general mix thru the cue send in mix output, and use only channels in Cue Mix to bring up those instruments the musician wants to listen more. But those outputs cue sends don’t show up in iC Pro’s Cue Mix.
Please, add them!! (and make them 8!)

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I have created a new Cubase 12 feature request topic asking for more Cue Sends and a proper monitor control app. If you feel you need this, please go there and vote! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I wrote many topics related to increasing the numbers of cues because it is really insufficient and not suitable for a Pro-class program
Studio One, for example, and Logic, they have unlimited CUES and many have asked for an increase, but there is nothing new and there is nothing but lack of interest