Cue size grace notes

Would somebody mind double-checking if changing grace notes to cue size actually makes them larger?

Yes, it does.

The Scale property list has them in order of size from largest down to smallest.

Screen Shot 2023-06-07 at 3.03.19 pm

Ah, cool. Thanks for that.

I just assumed if I selected a bunch of music that included grace notes, that it would make them all the appropriate cue size. Alas, it did not.

I discovered that you can even make grace notes to be normal size. I would assume that they are still played as grace notes even if they don’t look like them.

Have you tried selecting the passage and using Custom scale? I have a sneaking suspicion that it will retain the relative proportions of grace notes to the other notes selected.

Also, in Engraving Options > Notes > Grace Notes, you can set the Grace note scale factor. The default size is 3/5.

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Yeah, I’m sure the playback is fine. I was just confused as to why the grace notes ended up the same size as the normal notes after making the entire selection cue size: Dorico has made all the notes “cue” size rather than the cue notes “cue grace”.

In Engraving Options > Cues, you can set the Cue note scale factor. Default setting is 3/4 (75%).

If you select a passage which contains grace notes and set it to 75%, everything will reduce to 75% of what it was before, including the grace notes. Custom scale retains the relative proportions, so that grace notes are at 75% of grace note size.

Before selecting whole bar and scaling to 75%.
Screen Shot 2023-06-07 at 3.39.49 pm

Screen Shot 2023-06-07 at 3.40.07 pm

PS Make sure that Scale is disabled when you use Custom scale.

I understand what you mean.

I think the problem is because I have a custom key command to make passages cue size and so it is making everything the “normal cue” size.

It’s not often this is required and so I just need to check it when necessary.

You can filter to deselect grace notes before setting the size.