cue sized note tied to default sized note produces unwanted effect.

I’ve tried playing around with different solutions with no luck. I have a set of beamed note that I want to occupy rhythmic space but to be written in cue size (or grace) notes but when tied to a default note size it reduces that one too. Tie chains work well in some circumstances but not all. It would be nice to have the option to turn them off.
Anyway, this doesn’t sound like an unreasonable thing to want to do and I know I can fake a slur in but would prefer something more useful as that affects playback. Am open to suggestions, thanks.

What about using grace notes for that figure, and then tying them? I think that’s the intended effect here.

Thanks for that suggestion dandreider but if I’m not mistaken actual grace notes don’t play back with the same rhythmic placement?

You can adjust grace note playback in Playback Options–Timing–Grace Notes. Might do the trick.

I believe this occurs when the cue-sized note and the normal-sized note are both in the same voice and then tied together. You could try putting one of them into another voice (or perhaps all the notes in the final chord in a different voice, but the whole chord in the same voice?) and then tying the notes together. (To tie notes in different voices, select the two notes explicitly then press T.)

If you end up with excess rests as a result of having extra voices, you can remove them.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I found Lillie’s to be the most efficient and easiest.