Cue stem direction change without moving primary rest?

I’ve got a French Horn cue in a clarinet line. The default stem direction of the cue notes appears to be down…

Here is the Dorico default stem and primary whole rest placement:

If I change the voice direction to “force stems up” for the cue, Dorico moves the primary whole rests underneath the cue, and the cue rests are moved up - as shown in this second example:

Is there a way to switch the cue note stems to “up”, keep the cue rests down, AND keep the primary whole rests above the cue?
This is what I am hoping for:



Set the cue to “stems up”, then select the bar rests and move them up using the properties panel.

Thanks for your idea - I had tried that earlier and it does work… but it requires me to move every bar rest one at a time (via properties) - there are several cues in the various parts… and I was hoping there might be a more global solution. (I’m prepared to do them individually, but it will take a long time…)

Any ideas regarding the possibility of re-positioning the cue rests lower also, as in this example?

It would be great if the rests in the cues could be moved lower on the staff…

I’m probably missing something, but I believe you should be able to simply set the cue placement to ‘Below’, which will cause the bar rest to be placed in the up-stem voice rather than the down-stem voice.

Except the OP wants the cue to be stems-up.

Well, I did say I was probably missing something.

Just saying-

The way Dorico does it is considered correct by many publishers. The others are not so correct.