Cue (whole bar) rests default positioning

I’m in the middle of a big parts job and I seem to be setting the Rest position property for most whole bar cue rests to -4 (or if the cue stems point downwards, +4). Obviously if I’ve recorded a couple of macros to speed this up, but, for instance, I can only edit the positions en masse of rests under/above a single cue, so it feels a bit laborious.

Might it be possible to add some sort of default position specifically for whole bar rests above/below cues, pretty please?



I’ll definitely second this. +4 and -4 are common entries for me. I do believe there’s technically settings in Notation Options which dictates this behavior in multi-voice writing, which to me should be the same behavior with cues, but Dorico seems more conservative with rest positioning of cues.

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In related news, I’ve just noticed that, if I’ve searched the properties panel so that the Rest pos. property isn’t shown, my macro doesn’t work. I’m sure there’s a logical reason for this, but it’s a little irritating given macros (or keyboard shortcuts or whatever) can set properties when the properties panel is hidden.