Cue with wav. Which software ?

Hello to all,
Which software, free if possible, then I to recommend to my customers on mac to burn isos files ( cue / wav).
I noticed some problems with Liquid CD.
Thanks a lot.
Pierre [ Studio Lakanal ]

PG help !
I send via ftp my masters controls to my client, and I have some problems with liquid cd.
Do you have any ideas about softwares to use to burn cue/wav files on mac and pc ( free for my clients).
Best regards.
Pierre [ Studio Lakanal ]

On the PC you can use EAC (Exact Audio Copy):


here is two versions for OSX

scroll down to Download and get the “X Lossless Decoder(XLD)”

also for PC

hope it helps

regards S-EH

Many thanks LutzR & S-EH,
I will try them.

Hi all,
The above software does not work well for burning cue / wav file. There may be a second step with an index. Someone have an idea of ​​software, free if possible, to burn the files perfectly “cue / wav” on Mac and PC? and a good experience with them.
Thank you.
Pierre [Studio Lakanal / mastering]

The best is ImageBurn.

I think, you will always have the problem that your customer has to edit the path of the wav file in the cue sheet (=first line), no matter which software you use, because the path will probably always be different for your customer if he has downloaded the wav/cue you have previously uploaded (unless he saves the wav/cue in the exact same path as you did on your computer).
So, I guess that some explanatory words are needed for your customer in any case. Beside that EAC is working fine here plus it lets you edit the cue file in the program itself.

You might find this option useful:

Ah, yes, so if this option is checked cue and wav file just have to be in the same folder and then it works…great!

This is exactly the kind of thing you should find in - dare I say it? -a printed manual!!