Cue working in one instrument, appearing as rests in another

I’ve got a giant score I’m slowly working through and cueing. Here’s a weird situation, and it’s happened in multiple places with multiple instruments:

  1. Click a rest in an instrument (let’s say Violin I). Cue the Flute 1 part.
  2. Click a rest in a different instrument (same place; let’s say Violin II). Cue the same Flute 1 part.
  3. Click a rest in a third instrument (let’s say Viola). Cue the same Flute 1 part: but nothing appears! See the attached screenshot.

I tried to crop out these few measures of the project so I could upload a short score here, but when I deleted all the other flows and then the bars before the messed-up cue, the cue magically appeared. So… what in the world?

Could it be that you have Cues turned off in that layout? Try selecting the viola layout and checking in Layout Options/Players/Cues.

Thanks for the guess, Vaughan, but that’s not the problem. Here, if I add another cue right before this one, you can see it works fine. (Also, having Layout Options—Players—Cues box checked/unchecked for the viola layout would not have any affect here in the full score; that option controls whether cues appear in the particular layout, not if that part supports cues in general.)

I’ll just leave this here… :slight_smile:

I’d be curious to read the solution here when it has been discovered.

Daniel, I will email you the project — like I said, when I tried to isolate the problem, it disappeared, and I’m not allowed to publicly post a whole movement of the composer’s work.