Cueing drum parts

Hello Dorico users
I’ve got a Piano-vocal score extracted from an orch score.
I’d like to insert a one-bar cue (on the LH of the piano part) from the drum kit. It’s a drum fill (Kick Drum, Snare, Hi-hat, etc) written in two voices.
But when I try to insert it as a cue, I get the option of inserting Kick Drum or Snare or Hi-hat, but not the whole kit. And when I do insert one of these, the cue appears way up above the staff.
Does anyone know how I can get the cue-command to cue the whole kit in the middle of the staff, just as it appears on the drum staff?

You can’t do that directly, because of the nature of the drum kit as a condensed representation of a bunch of different unpitched instruments. What I’d do is make a separate (pitched) instrument, preferably a No key sig one, faking the snippet of drum notation in there with pitched notes, and cue from that, editing the Start text property of the cue to say “Drums” or whatever you want. You can then remove this dummy instrument from the layout.

OK then. Thank you. I’ll try that, or another workaround.

I just ran into the same problem (use drums as a cue) and would like to suggest to implement this, or to allow to configure drums as a single instrument.