Is there a shortcut or better way to solve for this scenario?

When recording bass guitar (line in) I want the player to hear EQ I add to the bass so they get a heavier sound and better vibe. They are hearing through the monitors and not headphones.

I add EQ and then enable the monitor on that track, the problem is they aren’t playing continuously through the track so when I drop them back in they can’t hear the proceeding part, to work around this I disable the monitor, hit record then quickly try to re-enable the monitor, its a clunky way though.

I could use Cue-mixes but from what I can see these don’t allow you to alter the EQ, only the Cue volumes,
and they don’t allow you to entirely mute channels the player might not want to hear.

Is there a better solution?
Something where I can relate profiles that

  • Enable monitoring and playback
  • Alter the EQ
  • Mute channels
  • Alter the volume of channels

I see there are multiple mix consoles but they appear to all mirror each other, changing something in one applies to all…


In the Control Room, you can add an Insert effect to any bus, so even to the Cue bus.

Open the Control Room tab in the Right Zone (of MixConsole or Project window). At the bottom, click to the Inserts. Open the Cue 1 tab and add a plug-in.

While playing back, you can quickly Activate/Deactivate Cue Channel, or use the Fader to change the Cue Level.

“Tapemachine style” monitoring.(is what I think you are asking). And cue mixes allow a lot more than just altering the volume.

Thanks does this function only apply to vst instrument or can it be applied to audio too?

Thanks is it possible to mute certain channels in a Cue mix without muting them on the master

I have an Audio Channel in my template that is solely dedicated to monitoring Inputs (its even pinned to the left with the inputs). That way I never need to enable monitoring on the Track being recorded. This entirely separates the monitoring from the recording. So you can apply wacky EQ or add tons of reverb on what you hear with zero impact on what you record. I added this a couple of years ago and it has greatly simplified audio recording sessions.

You can do that with any audio track though.

Is this the right location?
But would this not apply the effect to all tracks and channels, I. E. In my use case I want to apply eq to fatten up the bass track only…

Yes, what you want is Tape Machine style. It will only monitor when you hit record. When you hit play, it will play back without the monitoring. It will also re-enable monitoring on stop so you can talk to them. So what you do is, you enable Tape Machine Style. You press play, they will hear the track playing back, you then hit record where they come in, they will then hear themselves, you then hit either record again to punch out or just stop the track and now you can hear them again and talk to them with talkback.

So it will do everything you are trying to do Automatically.

The other way to do it is to monitor without using Control room, using an external software mixer or hardware mixer.

True. But the point is here you are doing it to a Track you don’t care about. If I’m monitoring via the Track being recorded, then I’d need to undo that stuff.