Cues for drums

Hi. I’m working on a lead sheet and i need to mark cues of the other instruments for drum set staff. But when i press Shift U, the instruments doesn’t show up. What should i do?

I think you can make a cue in another instrument, then copy/cut it and paste into the drums staff.


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As Jesper said, you can copy it from another staff, and then select Rhythmic Cue to automatically position it above. The problem with this is that cues for most instruments are typically only in the parts, while often in the score for drums. Layout Options/Cues is an all or nothing setting for that layout, but if you are doing a lead sheet then it may be fine to just turn them on.

If you want to enter them in drum part, check out starting at 21:40 in this video:

If you don’t care about playback, you can just use a non-percussion staff for notating drums and then you’ll have the full range of editing capabilities.

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It works.Thanks!