Cues in combined percussion

Hi! How do I deal with cues in a combined percussion here?

Both as ideal, and practically how to do it in Dorico.

I believe I’ve found it. Adding stave for cue in perc. when needed.

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Yes. I normally use to create a new Player for perc. cues (named for example Cue perc.), visible only in the percussion layout, where you can visualise all your cues, for both pitched and unpitched perc., and set its staff size to 60%, so when it appears doesn’t distract too much.

60%: Nice tip!

I tried the stave to 60%, but that also scaled my played perc-staff.
Can I get one, but not the other?

Hi @GeirSol , I mean to create a separate Player (with a sketch treble clef staff, and renamed as Cue perc.) where the cues of other non percussion instruments live. And then check that player in the percussion layout.

I send a test Dorico File with the setup that I use in such cases (I hope it can be of some help):
cue for percussions.dorico (752.0 KB)

And here the screenshot of perc. layout with the cue staff at 60% (with some random notes :wink: :

And the Setup:

Thanks! Yes, that could be a solution.