Cues (short audio) dropping out

I am getting drop outs on my cues, its especially bad at the beginning of songs. I will say the name of the song, then have a count in. Seemingly randomly, sometimes my song name audio will not play, or the first part will be dropped out. Often the 1 and/or two of the 1 2 3 4 count in will be dropped, especially the first part of the it, as if I have some sort of sharp fade in on these parts (I dont). No compression or gate. Happens seemingly randomly and I cant repeat the behaviour. Usually if i stop and restart the track it is fine again.

I’m getting same when a song is set to autostart or song is started by the previous song. No audio for the first second or two then it cuts in. RTZ and play and it’s fine.

Using select next song at the end of the previous song and manually starting it is fine.

We changed something with Fridays’ version (2.0.6), do you still experience this with that version?

Apologies - I realise I hadn’t mentioned the version. This is 2.06 and for me is on a MacBook Air Intel running sonoma


Yes I still have same issue on 2.0.6.

sorry to hear, will double check.

We finally figured it out. It should be fixed with the next upcoming version.


Hey, I just updated to and getting the same issues. Is this the version you meant?
I uploaded a video to explain what I mean. You can see the first time through the words 1 and 2 are cut off, the second time its just 2 and the third scrub it all plays clearly.

Please check again with the upcoming prerelease and let us know should there be no improvements, thanks.

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Fixed in 1.4.70 but not 2.0.12

@CliveJ @HonkyTonk,
there are two reports and while they may be related, they may have different culprits.
First is missing audio at the start of an event. Possibly related to Song autostart, correct?
The other is as Honky shows in the video. Having problems to reproduce such “middle dropouts”.
Dropouts at the start can happen and we chek again, but “in between dropouts” not, may be related to something else like changes in other tracks or the like, does it also happen when just one track plays?

Yes the song I’m having problems with is auto started. It loses the first second of playback. Works fine if the previous song is set to “goto next song” and I manually start it.

I don’t get dropouts anywhere else