Cues: why only 4?

Hi all,
I have a request that maybe be very old.
I recently started to use cues to control performer’s headphones.
I think that cues are amazing feature!
BUT why only 4?
Is it posible to add more cues?
8 or 16 will be fantastic
Unlimited will be amazing!!!

Thank you.
Fotis Moschos

It’s one of the older limits that have never been addressed


in one of nuendos 8 video,steinberg said they gonna skip .5 upgrads for nuendo,and they will add new features in “regular” updates,and they mentioned for example more CUE monitoring.probably it’s gonna be added to cubase too


This is the major nuisance for me with Cubase. I often record bands with more than 4 ppl playing simultaneously and I’m always bugged by having to resort to regular sends (missing the talkback etc.) for the foldback.

Pretty please Steinberg, please (at least) double the amount of CUE sends in the next update/ version!


+1 - I use them for listening to alternate mixes - would love 8 cues or more…

Definitely implement this