Curious 5.5.3 Issue

This isn’t a problem, but it’s curious and annoying in an OCD kind of way. I have a stereo bus routed in Cubase, recording a mono signal. Usually, a mono audio event (to the left) is displayed. However, the track events began to be displayed in stereo (to the right). As far as I can tell, this now effects all new stereo tracks in all previous projects as well, despite all of those having been displayed in “mono” until now. I don’t recall button mashing but if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.

If it matters, I’m interfacing via an Apogee Duet 2, one stereo bus in, both L and R inputs activated in the VST Connections window. As far as I know nothing has changed ever but I could be overlooking something.


Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 8.23.12 PM (2).png

If you record from a stereo bus, you get a stereo wave file, if you record from a mono bus, you get a mono file. It´s usually as simple as that.

Understood, it should be, however you can see for yourself that it is a stereo bus with a mono “looking” event, followed by a stereo “looking” event.

Yes, probably because you recorded from a mono input first and now record from a stereo input. I can´t see what bus it is, since that part is not visible from the image.

Sure enough, I put my thinking cap on and found the problem. Interestingly, we were both right, in a sense:
Stereo tracks cannot take either the left or right input of a stereo signal - they must take both. Simply adding a mono input bus and routing it to the stereo track preserves the mono event. The quirk is until now, I had only a single stereo bus, and even on stereo tracks events still appeared as mono, until it suddenly started appearing in stereo.

Thank you thinkingcap, I couldn’t have solved this without your comments. Or at least it would have taken me much longer!