Curious if there, any Freelancer Cubase Plugin Developers who could create 64bit updated version for old unit...?

I have searched all over the internet to find the best solution for my situation before letting this unit go…

The device is: Frontier Alphatrack
Basically, it works like 1 touch-fader unit with some MCU-like functionality, with responding LCD reading.

It does have its own unique taste and I would love to revive this unit to fully work natively on Cubase Pro 11. But sadly the support has been ended a long time ago.

I am curious, for any freelancer audio engineers who can create custom Cubase plugins, is it difficult to create one for this unit…?! (there is only 32bit version out there for Cubase mac osx)

I am willing to compensate for the work put in.
Maybe I am better off with newer device, but um… worth posting this, just to see if there is any hope! (I see some users out there who still use this unit even now :))