Curious to find out about pixel properties within spectralayers and how it works

First of all, this is not a suggestion or a request for a new feature. Just a general inquiry about the pixels within spectralayers and how it works.

I’ve been playing around with blender a lot lately and a lot of the concepts/workflow from blender is similar to Spectralayers but I’ve noticed that the pixel properties within blender is a lot more flexible and could be increased significantly more within blender than within spectralayers, which leads to ask what are the pixel properties within spectralayers based off of? Im just curious to understand how pixels properties works within spectralayers?

Also why is there a limit of 8 pixels when casting and molding? Are there certain properties (rules) that those pixels are based off within the audio spectrum world? Could the pixel count be increased in the unmixing levels process? I am genuinely curious to find out how the pixel properties with spectralayers works and want to know if I’m missing something or misunderstanding something when it comes to pixels and audio?

Is the pixel count properties based off of bitmap?