Current Favourite NewFeature - VST-Plugin Pictures

For those of us with GAS, this is a great new feature.

Everytime, you use a plugin, create a new vst plugin picture.

Then in a years time, go through Cubase and sell all the plugins without a picture.

I’ll report back next November with the scary news that I only use about 10% of the plugins I own…

Great idea.

After many years I’ve come to realize it is better to use fewer tools but to understand each one better.

so how do you get the pics of your plugins/its showing Steinberg plugins but just blank boxes for all my other ones.

Thank Presonus for this feature, they had it years back with Studio One. Even FL Studio did too if I recall…

See the picture I attached, the icon should be available on all plug-ins including 3rd party ones. Have to do it for each plug-in.
Plug In Capture Icon.PNG.jpg

I love this feature as well. Along with the mix console snapshots, that camera is pretty handy.

brilliant so I click on the icon and it creates a image?

yes this is amazing since i remember plugins by their looks not their names.

(in fact most humans remember things by looks, not names)

Does anyone knows if you can transfer the captured pics to another system? My Laptop for example? That was a lot of work on my main computer!

Yes where is this picture… to save and transfer to another System ?

Great idea!

I was able to reformat and use the same pictures so I think it would work on another system. Just place them in the right folder.

Anyone figure this out yet? Im on a mac and want to transfer them over to my laptop…

Found it on mac! Its Documents/Steinberg/VST Thumbnails

On Windows:

%userprofile%\Documents\Steinberg\VST Thumbnails

I’m not yet sure what to do if I want to migrate all thumbnails to another computer, but I noticed that %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10_64\PluginManager.xml has a cid identifier on each plugin. And a thumbnail filename is .png

I wonder if the cid identifier is randomly generated or what’s its generation is based on, and does it change if a plugin is updated to a newer version?