Current note value in status bar

I think it would be great if there was a read-out in the status bar of the currently selected note value. I like to have the interface stripped down to the minimum (especially when working on the go, to save screen estate on my 13" Macbook), plus Dorico was designed with keyboard shortcuts in mind so I barely use the mouse and I keep my panels closed most of the time. The only problem is there’s no way I can tell which note value is selected during input time, without opening the left panel, so that kind of ruins it for me.

Other than that I just finished my first big band piece in Dorico Pro 3.5 and I’m very impressed over all. I’ve installed Note Performer 3 for handling articulations in a more realistic way, it’s even better.

You guys are great !


Thanks for the feedback, Clément. There’s no way to show the chosen note value in the status bar, but I wonder whether it’s a big deal just to hit the right number key again if you’re not sure what note value you currently have selected?

Hey Daniel,

Thank you for answering quickly, I was off for a few days. It’s just that sometimes I find myself pressing the same key again, just to be sure I’ve chosen the right note value, especially when in combination with modifiers such as dotted rhythm.
In the same way you can instantly tell what kind of object you’ve selected just by reading the description in the status bar, I think it would be really useful to know in advance exactly what you’re typing, even with the panels closed. Especially because I think one of the great strengths of the product is the interface, and being able to use all the screen space when needed, while relying only on the keyboard, is (for me, at least) priceless.

Thanks again !

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I support this idea because it prevents the unconfidence of having to repeat inputs just to be sure.