Current version of the eLincenser control (eLC) software is too old. FRUSTRATION

Hi everyone,

Thought I revisit old software and decided to upgrade Cubase to the version 11 Elements (upgrade), I had version 9.5 and 10 installed and hadn’t used either in a while, I also own a Steinburg USB licenser stick. Okay, after successfully installing Cubase 11 Elements upgrade I go to activate my new activation code, obviously you need to use the ‘eLicenser’ so I downloaded the latest (version, paste in my newly acquired “Activation code” and it tells me that, “The currently installed version of the eLincenser control (eLC) software is too old”, Please install the latest version.
:rage: I’ve installed the latest version!!![eLicenseProblem|690x305]

Can someone off advice,


Hi and welcome,

Make sure, you enter the Activation Code not the Download Access Code to the eLCC application, please. If you have the Download Access Code, register it in your MySteinbrg account to get the Activation Code, please.

Thanks, I’ve managed to resolve this issue. I’ve managed to activate online my software then activate my usb dongle with the code which was generated after that.
Why is this process so laborious! I understand Steinberg are wanting to protect their software from being violated, BUT what a palaver, no wonder I don’t use it much in preference for Logic Pro X, I’m a musician not a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: rocket scientist. Procedures around this software are powerful I’m aware from the ‘adverting about it’ and partisans advocating the power of the tooling, however, I repeat; I’m a musician, who until now hasn’t run his new purchase due to the complexity of the deployment. Anyway, its done no, ‘thanks’, here goes, I’m going to attempt to use it now for the first time, :smirk: Wish me luck. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: