Current Windows 10 1909 not compatible with WL11?

I purchased the WL11 upgrade as soon as I discovered it was available, I liked WL10 a lot, even when we weren’t really sure how long it would take to be “Fully Mature”, and required me to upgrade my system from Win7 x64 Pro to Win10 x64 Pro. I expect WL11 will need revision and update for a long while, too.
My question, WL11 gives me a warning popup
“You are using an unsupported operating system version, therefore some functions of WavelabPro might not work. Please consider updating to a supported operating system version…”
I am currently using Win10 x64 Pro, version 1909. I prefer not to update Win10 any more than I absolutely must, I am just not a fan.
Can you tell me what features might not work properly with my current version, 1909? This would be very helpful, at least for now while WL11 is brand new.
I am excited by this new release, I have discovered that WaveLab was the best audio software
purchase I have yet made.
Thank you in advance,
Wade C.

One example: some plugins might open with a GUI, because of some Windows graphics libraries that have appeared in more recent builds, and which are used by these plugins.

Personally, I never had any trouble updating Win10.
I recommend you to update.

Well - you absolutely must . Unless you are running an Enterprise version of Windows 10 - Windows 1909 reached end of service (and support) on May 11, 2021.

You should be running Windows 10 20H2 or 21H1 as of now. 21H2 is also on it’s way next month. v1909 is unsupported now (and more importantly - gets no security updates).

Windows 10 is designed to be moved forward easily - any upgrade choices as above are all 100% solid and can easily be done in minutes via Windows Update.



Well, OK Boys, I’ll give it a go. Thanks for your input!

Wade C.