curse artist 7-8.5 w/o installation

I need some help. I bought a copy of cubase artist 7 on Amazon. I tried to load it and it would not because I’m on a Mac using 10.11.6 – the Amazon page did not say it only worked with 10.7/8 (I haven’t used those since the Pleistocene). So it would not load. The seller is saying I can’t return software and I don’t need to load it. I can register it and then d/l 8.5 (it does have a key). Is this true? It can be registered without putting it on my computer and then I can d/l it without paying for it again?

Next: it did not mention it was educational. I teach an online course and have since 1999. Will I have any trouble? Some people pretend online education isn’t real (they are so, so, so wrong).

Last: the software told me it was a 3 month trial (something else the listing forgot to mention – I hate these rip-off sellers). How much more would I need to cough up to make it mine permanently? 3 months will NOT do.

I fear I have been thoroughly ripped off. Please help me salvage this big outlet of money for me (I’m poor, so it was costly).

Thank you.

Hi, here’s what I suggest. First check if you can get a grace period upgrade/free download. Enter the USB elicenser number:

The eligibility check will only work if the license is already on the usb elicenser and it is registered.

If it is a legitimate copy that was never registered then you can activate the license and should get the Grace period update. You would have to install elicenser control centre and enter the activation code with the usb elicenser plugged in.

Now as to this being a trial version are you sure this is what it says…where are you reading this?
I’m not aware of any three month trial (usual trials are 30 days) and if the seller has sold you some kind of trial version but the listing didn’t say anything about this then you should demand a refund and lodge a complaint with amazon if they don’t agree.