Curser disappear sometimes

I’ve this issue and I don’t know, it start happening only after I started working on nuendo 11

I’ve big project which I’m working on
some time the curser disappear completely
and I’ve to click on any event on solo preview for the curser to re-appear again

anyone having this issue?

Try disabling “Hide cursor while typing” in Windows 10.

I’m having the same issue of random disappearing cursor in Nuendo 11. I’ve Rolled back to Nuendo 10.3 and all is fine. It does not appear to be a windows issue as it only happens in Nuendo 11, no other programs, and randomly. This is the first time I’ve ever had to roll back to an earlier version since Nuendo 3…

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…still looking for a solution to the disappearing cursor- anyone else experiencing this with Nuendo 11?

what you mean with cursor in N11?
The line in the Project window that indicates the play position?

Yes. Exactly. That is a better explanation. The play head line disappears.

I can say only that it’s not happen on my installation…

Hi, I have the same problem on N10 and N10.3
It comes and goes the line is superthin do not know why…

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The thickness is a setting in the preferences…
But why it is completely disappear I still don’t know.

Could somebody do a video of the situation?

I didnt know! But my ruler change by it self, random… never happened before N 10…

Den tis 5 jan. 2021 13:46Steffen via Steinberg Forums <> skrev:

Ruler? That is different… and new
never heard before

I have the same issue with N10.
Project cursor randomly changes from time to time and becomes a 1px thin black line…

Same here.

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I also have the same issue here, and had it in previous Nuendo versions. I never pinpointed what causes it, and how to restore it - but the Transport line (that shows what’s currently playing on the project) turns into a thin black line. It definitely looks more like a display problem than an appearance setting quirk.

Yeah, same thing here. Ultra-thin cursor. Also previously with N10. Seems to happen mostly when zoomed in and in the editor windows. It goes back to normal after scrolling a few times.

Same here. Simple switching to another application by Alt-Tab and switching back to Nuendo usually cures the play cursor to its normal thick view.

Thanks for the tip.

One issue that I have with N11 is that the cursor ‘sticks’ for a split second every now an then. I’ve found that disabling the internet prevents this. Seems like N11 or possibly a plugin are intermittently pinging the web. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue.