Curser is offset in artist 6

I have just installed cubase artist 6.5 with the 6.5.2 update on a os x 10.7.4 and got a problem with the curser.

The curser is 5-6 cm offset to the left. I tried to resize the project window several times, restarted the programme a few times, but nothing helps!

Anyone got some ideas how to fix it?


Maybe you could change drivers?

Is that on a new macbook with retina display? There are some topics about it (and a knowledgebase article).

Don`t know about the drivers. Can try to check it out!

But yes, it is the new macbook with the new retina display. Have you heard anything about problems with this?
Would be most grateful

:open_mouth: :slight_smile:


Yes, the resolution of that display gives problems. This knowledgebase article was created for it. With a search in this forum (‘retina’ should work) you can find the topics with other user’s experiences.

Yeah, I found out about it!

Its just to right-click Cubase in the application folder and choose to open Cubase in low resolution. A patch will probably come or maybe it won`t be fixed before Cubase 7 arrives. Anyhow, it works just as well in low resolution :slight_smile: