Cursor always at the beginning when opening project


each time I open a project that I’m working on, the cursor is placed at the beginning of the project instead of the bar that was when I closed it.

Am I missing something here (I already checked the preferences and didn’t find anything about this) or is this a bug?


That’s the way it’s been as long as I can remember.

I usually put a marker where i was before I close the session. Workaround, but it works. Just hit the Insert key with the cursor where u want to save it. [you have to have a marker track of course :slight_smile:]

Pref time!

Aloha B, Just the opposite for me.
I would love to have your problem as a consistent feature for my live on-stage work.

Because of the nature of my gig, there are times when I have to fade/end a song because of other things going on (announcements/ speeches etc).

When I bring up the next song I sometimes forget to re-set the cursor to ‘0’ and ‘wham’ the new song starts somewhere in the middle. Not good.

I wish the cursors position could be saved with each song wherever you want it.

With Cubase SX3 that didn’t happen, every time I opened a project the cursor was located where it was when I closed the project.

Is it really that much of a ball-breaker? Sometimes the computer can’t be trusted to do it all.
Sweat, baby. Go on, feel the burn. Press that button. Twice? Can you do it twice? :mrgreen: