Cursor/arrow keys stop responding

After a period of activity the up/down cursor keys stop working in Cubase 12, so I can’t cursor up/down the tracks. Restating resolves the issue. Never had this problem prior to Cubase 12. Any one else having this issue?

I’m on Apple M1 running under Rosetta.



Are you working in the Key Editor in the Lower Zone and the focus switches to the arranger area by any chance?

Or is it something different?

It’s in the arrange window. Cursor keys just stop responding, or work intermittently until I restart. Has happened 5 or 6 times over the past few weeks. I’m wondering if it’s after using a certain plug-in that isn’t releasing the keys. Not sure what’s going on.


Please keep eye on it. Hopefully you will be able to provide more details.

It’s happened twice more since yesterday’s post. Channel select up/down on the CC121 still function when the cursor keys stop responding. Can’t tell you more than that.


Have you found out, when did it stop working? What was the last step before?

Does it start to work if you click out of Cubase and back by any chance?

Clicking outside of Cubase does not resolve the issue. Still haven’t pinned down a cause. :-/


Could you try to press and release all modifiers (Cmd, Opt, Ctrl, Shift)? Isn’t one of them hanging by mistake?