Cursor disappears in score editor

The cursor decided to leave the score editor some time ago in Cubase 5, and I kind of assumed it would work its way back after I upgraded to 6, but, alas, no such luck. This problem ONLY affects the score editor. All other editors are blessed with a very stable, happily scrolling cursor. Anybody experienced the same, and, more importantly, did anyone find a fix?

I once had that, too, in Cubase 5. You have to trash preferences and let Cubase build new ones, then the cursor will reappear. But I think it’s enough to delete “Defaults.xml”, you should try that first.

If it’s necessary to trash all the preferences you should back them up first, because with the newly built preferences you will lose all your previous settings. You can then reimport most of the old preference files (like key commands) in order to restore your settings (but leave the newly created “Defaults.xml” in it’s place).

There’s also a knowledgebase article about trashing preferences, you should read that first.

And for future problems it’s a good idea to regularly back up your preferences so you can restore them quickly should anything get corrupted.

Hope this helps.

It’s a preference.
You can find it under “File–> Preferences–> Scores–> Editing–> Show Position Cursor”.


Great, thanks, I found the preset, clicked on it, and re-enter cursor!