Cursor does not change to resize or expand contract a window

Anyone but me see this behavior? Normally, if you grab the square on the bottom left or bottom right corner of an event, the cursor will change into a two way arrow and let you resize your wav. Or if you want to change the width of a track, you can grab the bottom edge and it turns into another arrow shape so you know you’re on the line and can move it around. Periodically, cubase just won’t change when it should. Is this a setting I have somehow changed?

Video link:


Are you on Mac or Windows? Do you have the latest graphic card driver installed? Do you use HiDPI screen (if yes, what is your setting) or not?

I’m running an M2 Mac mini on an old Apple Cinema Display from 2011 or something. It is UHD I believe. It is connected via USBC to mini DisplayPort. This has been a regular occurrence for me in Cubase 12 and now 13. Sometimes it works, many times it does not. If I close and re-open the session I can sometimes get it going but often I just have to operate without that functionality until it decides to start working again.


I wouldn’t expect this on Mac. Do you have other screen to test on by any chance?