Cursor Does Not Go Back to Beginning of Montage When Playback Ends

I always thought once montage playback ends the cursor goes back to the beginning. On mine when playback ends the cursor stays at the end of the montage. Is there a setting that can change this behavior? It’s annoying when I open montages the cursor is always at the end.

Right click on the Stop button of the Transport Bar.

Hi PG,

Right click on stop button doesn’t do anything…Version is 8.5.20 build 868


if I hover the mouse over the stop button it says “more” and when I click more a pop up yellow window saying “if playback is already stopped the edit cursor jumps to the previous start position”

On WaveLab 8.5, use the 5th button from the left side of the transport bar.

I see the button with the yellow arrow. I have played with that before with no luck. Which one do I pick in that menu to have the cursor go back to the beginning of the montage when the montage has ended


On mine its the 2nd button on the left. I see how that works the cursor goes back to the last start position if stop is pressed. I was looking for something that when the montage ends on its own without pressing the stop button that it would go back to the beginning of the montage. I thought it used to do that in previous versions. Most of the time when I open montages the cursor is always at the end because many times I just let it play out to the end. If there is no such feature the only way it will go back to the beginning is if I play from start to finish without stopping playback at any point

Just press 0 on the numeric pad, once or twice, to go back to zero.

Yes the works I was always double clicking the stop button to go back to start. The 0 is quicker. Any way to automate that when montage ends?