Cursor following Playback problem?

Hello users,

Some of my Compositions using Cubase 6, the Cursor following the Playback shows on each page separately but doesn’t follow automatically as each new Page should follow on?

i.e. I start on say Page 1, the Playback cursor goes along nicely, but when it reaches the end of Page 1; instead of automatically going to Page 2 to continue to follow the playback, the Page change doesn’t occur & I have to click to Page 2 manually then page 3 etc. etc.

I have the latest Updates?

Help please?

You have activated “Suspend Auto-Scroll when Editing” - it’s the asterisk sign next to the Auto-Scroll icon in the top left toolbar. Just unselect by pushing it.

That’s wonderful!

I shall try soon as it is on one of my other systems!

Very, very many thanks for that!

Very much appreciated!