Cursor graphic not working

Since the June update of N12, the cursor of my mouse pointer, literally I mean the little arrow, sometimes stops updating its graphic as per the tool selected.
So EG I switch to the AUDITION tool, and no speaker icon comes up, or it does for a second or so, but then doesn’t anymore, after moving the pointer around the screen.
It is kind of a showstopper really. I must mentally remember what tool I am on. Obviously there is no other way to remember anything, but you get my point.
Anyone else got this?


In project window, with some events on tracks, switch to any of the following tools:

Hover the tool over the event you want to edit and the tool graphic switches back to a pointer. It is especially sensitive to the “hot” areas of events, where the grab handles contextually appear depending on where exactly you hover the pointer. In this situation, the pointer is not updating even though I can see it hovering in the correct place for the graphic to change.

I find a lack of system resources to be the issue with cursors not updating, I found the following helped:

  • Turn on prioritization for programs
  • Turn off Antivirus scanning for vst2xscanner.exe, vstscanner.exe, vst3scanner.exe, vstscannermaster.exe and SteinbergLicenseEngine.exe, as well as Nuendo12.exe itself
  • Make sure your hard drive is proactively defragmented, or the disk defragmenter may startup during long project loads
  • Set a dedicated GPU, to run Nuendo (not an inbulit graphics card)


Thanks. I think that may apply to windows users, but none of those tips are really applicational on Mac.


There is already a thread due to this issue

please search the forum first before you open a new thread.