Cursor in Cubase / Improvements in aduio editing

Hello everyone!

I don’t how many people actually thought about it (or annoyed by it :)), but cursor in Cubase is not very good and not suitable for editing with any kind of precision.

I think, that those people who worked in Pro Tools can remeber how cursor looks and behaves. It’s very precise and provides all the necessary visual information on the position of the cursor.

I made several screenshots to illustrate how Cubase doesn’t actually provide necessary visual information and in some cases actually makes editing experience worse.

There is a cross-hair cursor in Cubase, but it doesn’t work with all the tools and for some reason, even if you set it to 1 pixel, it still becomes 3-pixel wide when you put cursor over the item (even though I specifically made it 1-pixel wide in prefernces).

Basically, there are already some options that potentially should improve behaviour of the cursor, like cross-hair cursor. But they either not implemnted to a full extent, or have some additional weird behaviour that makes experience actually worse.

Or we can look at WaveLab and how cursor is implemnted there. It’s so much better, than in Cubase. Or just try Pro Tools and see how cursor is implemented there. If there is one thing that PT did will it’s cursor. But the point is not to make it like PT, but make cursor precise and informative.