Cursor line issue

Just run into the line cursor issue - it just turns into a thin black line after few minutes of working

Sometimes returns to its normal view
Has anyone run into the same problem?

I do, it tends to happen when fast forwarding / rewinding (Shift+ or -) Even though it’s a nuisance, it’s not as annoying as all the solo bugs I reported because it’s not preventing me to work. But I agree, it should be fixed.

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In my case it hides completely (random). I then have to scroll somewhere and back and the cursor appears again.

It happens at least 3 times for 7h of work. And not juste when fast forwarding / rewinding. It’s pretty random. This may be related to graphic card drivers, isn’t it?

Who knows :thinking:
Nvidia GT710 here, latest drivers

kind regards

I was more thinking about a setting in the NVIDIA Control Panel / Manage 3D Settings / Program Setting / Cubase
Not sure what to change though :thinking: