Cursor line issue

Just run into the line cursor issue - it just turns into a thin black line after few minutes of working

Sometimes returns to its normal view
Has anyone run into the same problem?

I do, it tends to happen when fast forwarding / rewinding (Shift+ or -) Even though it’s a nuisance, it’s not as annoying as all the solo bugs I reported because it’s not preventing me to work. But I agree, it should be fixed.

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In my case it hides completely (random). I then have to scroll somewhere and back and the cursor appears again.

It happens at least 3 times for 7h of work. And not juste when fast forwarding / rewinding. It’s pretty random. This may be related to graphic card drivers, isn’t it?

Who knows :thinking:
Nvidia GT710 here, latest drivers

kind regards

I was more thinking about a setting in the NVIDIA Control Panel / Manage 3D Settings / Program Setting / Cubase
Not sure what to change though :thinking:

It actually happens 2 or 3 times a day (for about 7-8h of use). It seems to happen when the cursor is off screen, so when “Follow Cursor” (F) is disabled and then coming back on screen.

My workaround is to make the cursor move off screen again with a keyboard shortcut like the dot . with F disabled, and move it on screen by hitting another shortcut (1, 2 for the locators jump if I’m looking at this specific section of the Project Window, or another keypad number to jump to a marker location I’m currently looking at).

Then the cursor will be displayed with its white borders like it’s supposed to. It fixes this issue immediately.

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Issue still occurs in the .20 update

Issue is still occurs in the .30 update :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Bug Number CAN-32848

Yes indeed. Thin grey, Tiny black project cursor. Posted it yesterday again.

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Yes, I can confirm.

Still here in 11.0.41.