Cursor not available in editor window

I right clicked accidentally in the editor window and it selected the range tool. It will not switch back to the cursor. In the editor window it can switch to any tool, but there is no option to change it back to a cursor. It is stuck. I have been using this for over 2 years it has never done this before. It is in all my projects. I am dead in the water. I am using the vari audio, but I can not do anything with the cursor tool stuck in the wrongs modes.
How do I switch it back to a cursor?

By “Cursor Tool” I’m guessing you are referring to the Select (Arrow) Tool? The default Key Command to select the Arrow is “1” (on the Keyboard itself, not the Numpad), and also just clicking on the tool’s icon.

When you say you can’t switch it back what exactly are you doing and what occurs when you do that? Perhaps a screenshot would help clarify what you are asking.

This happens to me too. Then I realize that VariAudio is Off for the section for some reason. Turn that on in the Inspector and you will get your Pointer Tool back.