Cursor odd behaviour

Hi everybody,
I’m working on a little video project as a C10 PRO demo test and today I noticed a new, strange, cursor behaviour (see attached image).
I was trying to resize the video event start dragging it to the cursor (I set the magnetic cursor option) but when clicking the cursor moved to the event start so I couldn’t get what I needed; the same happens when I select another kind of event, let’s say a midi one: the cursor jumps to the event start.
I never noticed this before and I’m afraid I pushed some wrong button… Before writing this post I tested the same process on Cubase 7.5, that I’m still using, and I had no troubles…
Thank you for helping me!



Disable Use Video Follows Edit Mode from the Transport menu, please.

Hello Martin,
thank you so much for your fast and useful answering!
Problem solved!
A little question more: why the problem involved midi track(s) too if the command concerns video?
Thanx again,


Because maybe you want to edit MIDI Parts and be in sync with the video (what music composers do while scoring).

Thank you again Martin,
I know that music film composer need to be in sync but it can also be possible that one wants the video event to start after a midi part so I think it would be better to keep them indipendent, unless you group them… But this is only a personal point of view, of course…


Then you can disable the function.