Cursor Position Resolution

Dear all,

In WaveLab 6 it was possible to read out the cursor position in 1 thousandth of a millisecond. Now I use WaveLab 8 and I can only read out the cursor position in whole milliseconds. For the experimental data I am analyzing this lack in resulotion is a serious problem. Does anyone know if there is a setting that can be changed so that I can read out the cursor position in thousandths of a milliseconds again? Thank you in advance,


This is not possible in WaveLab 8, sorry. But sample position could help maybe?

What kind of experimental data are you analysing? (just trying to find some reasons to bring that feature back).

Too bad. I have to exactly determine the time between two certain soundpeaks in a wav file. We are working on a type of echolocation.

I don’t have WL on this machine to check, but do you get the precision you require if you select the area between the peaks and read the selection length?


No, unfortunately.

Thanks for the quick replies Philippe and Paul :slight_smile:

This is less immediate, but if you use positions “as sample”, with a simple math division, you get the result in microseconds.