Cursor shapes

I have finally begun using WL10.0.1 and all is working stable and nicely. However I have a problem with the cursor shape when hovered over a clip in montage. The shape of cursor shape to move the clip is like a large cross and the shape to move the envelope is also like a large cross. Many times I have mistaken one for the other and dragged the clip instead of the envelope.
Is it possible to make these two functions look more unique?

What is your system? What is your exact screen setup?
My best guess is that you are on Windows, with at least 2 screens, that have different DPI settings.
In that case, I recommend to use this setting:

Yes PG, I am on Win 10 and have 2 screens but both are identical 1080 x 1920 set at High DPI. I also had it set to Black theme. I changed to Dark them and it made it a bit more visible. I am sure I will get used to it.
I do think the envelope cursor shape should be more like <> than the present shape +
thanks for your help

Note that on the picture of my previous message, I don’t speak about the black theme but about the HDPI setting. Do you have it active as on the picture?

Yes it is as you suggest. Though Dark Theme as a background is easier to discern between the two different shapes.