Cursor width in C7

Is there a way to make the cursor like the one in C5-6? In C7 it is too wide, it seems like there are two cursors in one, even at the lowest setting (1). In Cubase 6.5 I can make the cursor thinner, I like it more that way.

Is it possible?

cursor in c6.JPG

Sadly, no. And it’s one of the major UI regressions that prevent me from using C7… I was hoping for a fix in 7.5 but, AFAICS, it’s still the same as 7.0.x.

Still waiting for a fix or, at least, a preference setting for this…


… which completes the usual suspects.


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Why should a curser be more than the width required to see it? Too bad this didn’t revert back to what it has always been prior to C7.