Curteye, Batten Down The Hatches!

Watch out for Iselle and Julio, batten down the hatches buddy! Take good care, and be safe.

What’s going on? :confused:

Two hurricanes. Hurricane Iselle, currently striking Hawaii, has been down-graded to a tropical storm packing damaging winds and heavy rain. Hurricane Julio is anticipated to strike the Hawaiian Islands this Sunday.

Oh really! Wasn’t even in the 20:00 news…
Good luck Curteye, you’ll be in my prayers

I don’t believe in prayers, but I lend my wishful thinking with fingers crossed …which amounts to the same worth. Next, a Cubase relief project…only slightly better worth :wink:

Aloha guys and a major ‘mahalo’ for the kind words.

All is well here so far.
Just waiting on the 2nd storm (which seems to be heading away from us).

We are about 4k feet up the volcano so
lot’s o’ rain/wind; some trees down; temporary power outages etc etc.

But all in all safe and sound.

We shall see what happens in the next day or two.

tanx again.

Stay safe and well protected. Get a song out of the storm. Think positive.

never mind the hurricane ,its the volcano id be worried about . :astonished: