Curve EQ "Q"

I can’t for the life of me change the Q-value as stated in the manual (or any other way):

“While dragging a control point with the left mouse button, you can adjust the filter’s bandwidth by additionally holding the right mouse button or pressing [Alt]/[Option]. Alternatively, you can use the mouse wheel to adjust the filter’s bandwidth.”

When I drag a control Point and additionally hold (press) the right mouse button **=**Same as if I hold (press) the left mouse button, ie I can change the frequency horizontally and the volume vertically but I can’t change the bandwidth whatsoever.

When I press the Alt-key and drag the Control Point = Same as above.

When I use the mouse wheel to change the bandwidth on a Control Point (selected or not) = Only the volume changes (up or down).

Help anyone? :cry:



There is a 3.5 version/update available - I wonder if this can be applied to the version within Cubase…?

Voxengo says to me (user Forum). Steinberg should update this plugin. Version 3.5 downloaded directly from Voxengo Homepage failed to trial mode