Curve EQ screen redraw problem (GUI unusable)


the new Curve EQ does not work at all on my system. 10.8.2 (64 Bit).
You can only see the GUI react while you resize the plugin window. Since you cannot do this while you work it’s completely unusable on my system.

This is happening on a multi monitor setup (3 screens), I remember that this was an issue with other Voxengo stuff I own previously but it’s now fixed in these plugs.


I am aware of the Melda stuff. Very cool plugins.
Still I believe that bundled Nuendo plugins should work without problems.


Must be a Mac thing, as it works perfectly here on Windows 7

Neil, is that any way to apply deductive reasoning?

Works fine here on my Mac, 32 and 64 bit.


Works in the Cubase demo on my family MacBook Pro as well. In the studio however, I cannot get it to react to inputs the GUI.


Curve EQ is still not working in 6.0.3 on my system

Are there any news on the issue?

Fair comment - but it does work just fine here.
OTOH, I had already bought this as a VST2 a long time ago & it just had an update that fixes this issue.
Hopefully this means there will be an update for the VST3 version - it would be worthwhile dropping over to Voxengo & filing a ticket with Aleksey & ask him as he is seriously quick with replies.

It still works fine here on W7 though.