Curve EQ.

In the Configuration Channel, Strip can be placed before Inserts, so that we can use Cubase Curve EQ before Inserts for instance. This order is not reproduced in MixConsole where strip are always after Inserts for all channels.
It’s confusing.
There is a bug when we re-open a project : Graphs are not always as expected.
HC and LC are not graphically represented and the slope is still 24 db/oct : is it not time to have EQ with 8 slots and with HC and LC of 48 db/oct (Iike in Logic or Studio One) ?
I use CurveEQ to “clean” my signals first and apply inserts after, so the graph is very useful in MixConsole. Thanks for that.

Well, thanks to Steinberg. Cubase 7 is great anyway.