Curved or Flat Display for Cubase?


I want to buy a display monitor to use it with cubase, but i don’t know which one is better for this, and i can’t find any info about it.

Its ok 27", or i need bigger one?

I found a 27" screen, with blue light filter and Flickr Free, but there is one FLAT and the other CURVED, which one is better.


Whatever you like more. Flat or Curved is just a matter of taste and doesn’t affect how Cubase perform.

Whether you buy a flat or a curved monitor, but it does not make any sense to the Cubase. As these are the tastes of humankind and it does not affect the performance of Cubase.
Thank you.

It’s probably more important to consider what the resolution is compared to the size of the screen, as well as what the ratio is of the resolution.

The higher the resolution is for a given/same size of screen the smaller everything will look - but you will fit more things on the screen. And the other way around; if the resolution is the same but you pick a larger screen you will fit the same amount of things but they will look bigger.

And then for ratio the question is simply what you prefer. Computer standard is 16:9 or 16:10, which is 1920x1080 (HD) or 1920x1200. Ultrawide, which is what I have, is 21:9 which is 3440x1440 (UHD). Properly encoded movies shot at roughly 2.34:1 will stretch completely and filly my ultrawide screen properly, but will give me black bars top and bottom on my older 1920x1200 monitor.

I would suggest you go to a computer store if you can and stand in front of different monitors at the same distance you would at home. Try to get a feeling for what it would be like working on a monitor. And then if possible get the best deal and make sure you can return it for store credit and upgrade to something bigger if you need to (for extra money).

which is better curved or flat monitor in home studio?

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None is better, it’s all about your personal taste.

My issue is 34" ain’t wide enough (3440x1440 (UHD)) and 49" is too wide… all the 43" (perfect size) are 1080 and 1440 is essential.

Some people who do visual work find it problematic or annoying to have curved ultrawide monitors because you “can’t” properly judge purely horizontal lines etc on them… or something like that. I suppose it matters less for audio. I don’t have much of a problem with my 34" 3440x1440 flat widescreen.

The tradeoff with a flat monitor as far as I know is that if it’s wide enough relative to where you’re sitting - and then depending on the panel display type - you may get color shift as the viewing angle changes on the sides…

Yeah, not sure what’s out there. I’ve seen either essentially TVs that are really, really big in general or there’s ultrawide and the wider ones but still with the 1440 vertical - but those 5120x1440 were a bit wide for you I think you said.

Perhaps you can consider more than one display if you can’t find the one display that does it all for you?

34" 21:9 3440 X 1440 Ultrawide for me. I run it off a laptop, albeit a powerful one (Dell XPS Windows 10, Intel I7, 16GB RAM) so no issues from the ‘DAW side’ of things but not all graphics cards can support the resolution. My Intel HD Graphics 620 does fortunately but you may not get the resolution you pay for!

Cubase displays well in Hi Dpi mode. Depending on eyesight you can over-ride the recommended Windows scaling it recommends 200% for me which is absolutely fine although dropping to 100% does give you a lot more space to play with (& still useable ay about 2 feet from the screen). I did have to select compatibility settings though (right click desktop icon & select properties) & under dpi settings select ‘set by application’ instead of ‘set by OS’ otherwise some 3rd party plugins become effectively unusable due weird over-sized scaling!

Something like a 4096 x 1440 would be perfect. coming in a couple of inches shorter than a 49" Super Ultra. Doesn’t seem to exist. 43" ultras on youtube videos are all from a few years back but 1080, seem like the manufacturers dropped this size in favour of the 49" 1440… Still doing 1080 in 49" too but 1440 is the essential step up.

My eyes are fine, don’t really want to do any scaling on my DAW machine, kind of defeats the point of getting a higher resolution screen… Although the lounge PC (where I’m sat right now) is on a 65" 4K 175% scaling but TV’s are too tall and anything over 1440 in a standard height PC screen is a bit overkill.