Custom accidental cut-outs

Hello Dorico posters,

I suspect my problem here is a result of my poor understanding of the software more than anything else, but I haven’t been able to find any information relating directly to custom accidentals with 2+ glyphs and the cut-out feature. I have attached an image below to illustrate my “problem.” Is the accidental creation window limited to allowing only 1 glyph to have cut-outs? Messing around with z-order I’ve only succeeded in moving the cut-out boxes to the other glyph.


The cut-outs are technically stored relative to the whole accidental, which can of course contain multiple glyphs, but the user interface currently only shows the cut-outs relative to the first glyph in the accidental. This is something we’ll address in a future version.

Ah okay, appreciate the clarification and info Daniel!