Custom Actions

Can I set up a custom action that will perform 3 (or any number of) actions in a row with one key command? I need to - 1)break beam 2) extend selection left 3) Beam together - to fix some excessive beaming on a repetitive part. I’ve assigned key commands to “break beam” and “beam together” already, but I don’t see a way to create a macro or custom action that performs all three with one simple keystroke. Is this possible in Dorico? Thanks!

Are you sure you need to use ‘break beam’? Beam together seems to break replace existing beams with the new one.
Any way - you should also be able to do it wth a macro. Go to Script - ‘Start recording macro’, and perform your edit. Use shift+arrow to extend the selection. Stop the recording from the same menu. You can use the ‘Run last script’ shortcut (cmd+alt+shift+r).

This is exactly what I needed. I will try without breaking the beam too. Thanks very much.

I can confirm that if you have (for example) four notes beamed together and you select the last two and click to beam together then it will keep the first two together. You might be able to cut out a step.

:slight_smile: And to continue further with what Romanos401 says, selecting the last two and clicking to break the beams will preserve the beaming on the first two as well. I set up a shortcut for this and it works like a charm. I programmed the Key Command [cmd-B] to beam together and [option-cmd-B] (Mac), [alt-cmd-B] (Windows) to break beaming. Of course, you can define your own.

I did the same thing! Cmd-B really speeds things up.

Love you all. Thank you.