custom articulations in expression maps -Solved

let’s see if I can explain this one.

In “expression maps” I can only activate articulation changes in the editor when I use the articulations already found in the setup. (Actually, even some of the ones found don’t work either.) That is, when I add my custom ones, for example “octave” (or a symbol) I cannot select that in the editor. Hence I can’t make the change in the editor. So what is the point of having custom ones if you cannot use them?

It doesn’t matter what group I put it in. When I click with the draw-tool in the editor nothing happens at all.

Anyone understand what I am doing wrong?
Help greatly appreciated

Based on your description it’s not clear what might be going on. Could you post a screen grab of your Expression Map setup. Also what do you mean by “articulations already found in the setup”? Every expression map needs to match whatever triggers an articulation in a specific VSTi. There aren’t really any general articulations that apply to any VSTi out there.

I realize there might be some information missing in my question. I’ll try to explain:

When you set up a new “map” from scratch, you obviously have to set up what the map is doing. i.e. what keyswitches it might use etc. On each “switch” you also have to select from a list of different symbols and text to represent the “change”. That name/symbol will show up in the editor (also in the score). You can put in for example, arco, tenuto, staccato, etc. You can also add your own custom symbols/text.

I had a problem with these custom sybols because I could not add them in the editor. The pentool added nothing even though the articulation was there.

I think I have realized the problem though. The “attribute” has to be set correctly. (I forgot the name of those attributes because i am not at my cubase computer at the mo) but there ar two options there. Depending on which one you use it will work in different scenarios. One of the attributes makes it possible to only add an expression if there is a note already, and the other option will add the expression until you change to another.

So I think the problem is solved. Took me a while to figure out. Thanks for taking your time answering.

I wanted to see a screen shot as that’s the easiest way to tell exactly how you’ve configured things - much simpler & more exact than a description. But yeah you seem to have sorted it out. There is an Articulation field call Type. It can be set to either Direction or Attribute. A Direction Articulation remains in effect until the next one occurs. It is the type you draw into the lanes and continues until the next change. An Attribute Articulation is attached to a single note. This is subtly different than saying it is in effect for a single note in that if you move the note position the articulation moves with the note. Also if it triggers a Keyswitch that sets an articulation on a VSTi that articulation typically it would remain in effect until another Keyswitch gets triggered. So Directions are attached to a specific time & Attributes to a specific Note.