Custom Attributes items on VSTGUI editor

Hi all,

I have been trying to create a custom control as shown on the VSTGUI documentation:

My control class inherits from CControl and IMultiBitmapControl which I thought would automatically add “height-of-one-image”(heightOfOneImage) and “sub-pixmaps”(subPixmaps) parameters to the View Attribute Editor. Even after implementing the custom parameters to the my control creator class as described on “uiviewfactory.cpp” and “multibitmapcontrolcreator.cpp” , I cannot see yet the parameters.

Is there a procedure to add custom attributes to View Attribute Editor?

Best regards,
Alison R. Louzano.

Check out the RockerSwitchCreator on how to use the MultiBitmapControlCreator and get these attributes into your custom view.
Or better check SwitchBaseCreator on how to adopt IMultiBitmapControlCreator for custom views.