Custom beam grouping

Is there a way to achieve this beam grouping as a custom setting?


That’s 8x32 in a bar of 1/4. I’ve got hundred’s to do!

[I may not be ‘right’, but it’s what the composer wants.]

you can perhaps do shift + M:[2+2+2+2]/16
[edit] [2+2+2+2]/32

If that setting doesn’t work for you, you can also always input one such group, using the properties to set up the secondary beam groupings as you wish, then copy and paste them and use Lock Durations to repitch them, which should mean you only need to do the custom setup once.

That gives:

which is not what I am requesting) see OP picture.

Repitching dozen of pages is much more work than entering the pitches and just using the split secondary beam function.

Dare I suggest that a custom beaming function would be a good feature? [Loth to keep mentioning this, but it’s in LilyPond.]

If you’re entering the pitches anyway (e.g. from a manuscript) then I really don’t think you’re correct: input a single beam with the appropriate properties, use multi-paste to fill the region of notes, then use Lock Duration to specify the pitches. It’s really, really fast – much faster than going through manually selecting the nth note of each beam and setting properties.


Can you not select the two groups of beams and then beam them together manually?

No; that’ll join the secondary beams throughout too.