Custom Buttons In WL8?


Is their a way now or maybe possible in a future WL 8 update to be able to create custom buttons on the toolbar to enable or disable functions that are burried in layers of menus. This would be very helpful in overcoming certain behavior of the floating windows depending on how it’s configured in these hard to get to menus.

The option that I would like to be able to get to quickly is the “Hide top level windows when the application is not active” in Global Preferences. When this is activated the meters, master section & plugins dissappear if you click in another application. If this option is disabled the meters stay with WL but will stay on screen even if WL is minimized. This option is not always desireable but it keeps everything visible even when I open other programs. So a button for this on the toolbar or a keybord shortcut I can toggle this option depending on what I’m doing. It is not the perfect solution but it makes it easier then navigating menus all the time to accomplish this.

This behavior I discussed in detail on a previous thread (Scroll down 2/3 of the way to see details) and at the time this could not be accomplished in WL8 because of the way it’s works.

The custom buttons is a workaround but it would enable you to customize WL8 even further then you could now by being able to get to these options more quickly. There is plenty of room for additional buttons on top where the toolbars go so that should not be an issue. Maybe set limit of 5 or 10

Let me know if this is possible now or in future WL8 update?


Any menu option with an icon can be added in a tool bar (this is done from the Customize Command dialog).
When a function does not have an icon, this is because it is meant to be used not often.
Now, this choice (icon or not) could evolve in the future, as this could be subjective sometimes.

Can you show me where this is done?

Customizing Command Bars

You can hide or show individual command bar buttons. This way you can customize command bars by removing unwanted commands.

In a tool window, open the menu and select Customize Command Bar.
To show a specific command on the command bar, activate the checkbox in the Bar column for the corresponding command.
Click OK.