Custom drum-set triplet beaming

I’m writing a percussion piece with a trap set up and I’m having trouble trying to beam the off beat partials on different instruments only when it’s in a triplet

Thank you, Krish

Welcome to the forum, Krish. I’m sorry to say I can’t quite understand what you’re trying to achieve from your description. Can you provide a bit more information?

I think Krish is referring to the first beat of measure 155 not reflecting the triplet in the top line of the second staff, although the label Vibraphone seems odd for a kit there.

Sorry, I’m still very new to Dorico. I’m writing a percussion quartet and the players switch between playing mallet instruments and a multi perc setup. So in the setup tab I added a custom drumset to each of the mallet instruments with the specific sounds the players are using and labeled it as (percussion 1-4)

From the earlier message yes, I was referring to measure 155 not being able to connect the beaming of the upper line to the bottom line. This issue only seems to persist whenever I try to notate triplets.

Thank you

Percussion Kits are actually a combination of individual instruments held by a given player and “condensed” together into the kit. If you go to layout and choose to view the kit as individual lines, you will see that the initial tuplet has only been applied to the lowest line. To put the eighth on the top line in its desired place, one would need to make it part of its own triplet.

percTuplets2.dorico (570.6 KB)

Right, I see. You can edit the percussion kit such that all of the instruments in the grid are notated using the same voice.


When I click all of my lines they say they are on the voice 1, but I’m still having trouble connecting them.

Thank you

Krish, do you want to attach the project file itself here so we can take a look at it?

Perc_ensemble dorico.dorico (2.3 MB)

Here it is.

The issue is, that the hi-hat in bar 155 is on the second eighth and not actually on the third triplet.
But in your project, I wasn’t able to enter the eighth on the third triplet in the hi-hat, which was actually quite curious.

If you enter your music representing your percussion kits with single line instruments instead of grid view, you can get it working, even if you change to grid view later:

Single Line View

Back to Grid View

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