Custom feathered beams?

Hiya! Wondering if anyone knows a way to make feathered beams like this?

I can do it in musescore with two voices overlapping each other, but Dorico really doesn’t like this idea and won’t let the two voices go on top of each other… any thoughts?

Read the manual?

Or. Select your notes, right-click>beaming>create fanned beam>…

Yeah I know about that, but that creates a beam that goes from 1 beam line to 3 (see below), not 2 to 3 as in the example

Maybe try the Line tool in the right-hand panel? You create it in Write mode, and adjust it in Engrave mode.


omg that works! thanks for the suggestion :smiley:

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If you want to reproduce the same workflow of Musescore, try to overlap voices by giving them the same voice index.

What do you mean? like two upstem voices? or upstem voice one and downstream voice one?

It would work either way, but they eventually need to be pointing in the same direction and have the same voice index.